The Central Library
MUST central library is the main component of the university library system directed by the Dean of University Libraries. With its unique and distinctive architectural design and up-to-date facilities, the library serves the academic community of faculty members, researchers and students. Services include bibliographic information, interlibrary loan, references, access to information via CD-ROM and on-line link with information banks and the internet.
Besides its general collection, the library is building up specialized collections in specific areas such as medical and biological sciences, engineering, mass communication, business, languages, archeology and information technology. The library uses an on-line catalogue accessed all over the campus through the university's local network, ie MUST LAN, and nearly through the internet.
The Library with its up-to-date facilities offers good training opportunities to students specialized in library science and information technology. At the same time, the library benefits from ensuring continuous development through the combined efforts of the academic staff and librarians. MUST library extends also its services to 6th of October community and researchers from all over the country.

MUST library is developing the "Memory of Egypt" a collection of books and resources covering a wide scope of topics and studies about Egypt's history, civilization,  archeology, arts, geography, geology, ecology, economy, biographies, bibliographies … etc..

A balance between scientific, functional, cultural & recreational reading is a target of MUST Library.


The University has allocated a hall in the library as a museum to display replicas of the most important monuments. This has been done with the objective of familiarizing students of  The College of Archaeology and Tourist Guidance with the Egyptian history and civilization throughout the different ages.


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