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Welcome To Science Forum

What is a Science Forum?

Science Forum Is an integrated body dedicated to graduate studies and research on a business footing.

Science Forum was Established in order to exercise creativity in your hobbies and invention in science, art and literature. We invite you to meet us, We invite you to know, We offer you new ideas and with you to achieve your ambition at the University of rising and a creative youth.

Contact us:

1- Prof.Dr. Muhammad El-Saadani: 01222665101.
2- Dr. Sabit Hussain: 01069737737.
3- Mr.Mohammed Ezzo : 01005713370 .
4- Mr.Mohammed Ehab : 01112255401.
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1-Technology Innovation & Entrepreneurship Center(TIEC):
STP : Science & Technology Park (HQ). Technology Transfer, Development & Implementation. Small & Medium Enterprises (SME's)IT Incubators Innovative Incubators Technology Business Incubators Start-up & Spin Off's Innovation Assessment & Certification (Patent Office).
2-Technical Support Unit(TSU):
Business Center Statistical Analysis Data Processing Projects Revision Graphics Publication – Support Presentations & MediaScientific Editing & handouts.
3-Graduate Studies & Research Council(GSRC):
Graduates Studies committee Conference & Workshops - Cultural Relations & International Cooperation - Committee of Research Ethics. Committee of Scientific Publications - Committee of Research & Project Development.
4-Capacity Building Center(CBC):
Training courses - Workshops - Seminars - Journal Club.
5-Centre of Excellence Managing Facility(CEMF):
Central Laboratories - Molecular biology - Biotechnology - Bioavailability - Pharmacokinetics Genomics - Proteomics - Tissue Engineering - Drug-design & monitoring - Stem Cells - Experimental Therapeutics.
6-Fund Raising Department(FRD):
National & International R.F. Organizations Marketing - Advertizing - Commercialization - New Creative F.R. Programs - Research Stamps - Opera House Stamp.
7-Strategic Planning & Operational Team(SPOT):
Think Tank.
8-Socio Scientific Forum(SSF):
Faculty lounge & Social Clubs - Brain Storming - Multidisciplinary & interdisciplinary.

MATLAB Course - for more details click here
MIMICS Course - for more details click here
Course of the Egyptian Stock Exchange and the global financial markets and Forex - for more details click here
Italian Language Courses for Beginners and Conversation here
Training Program for the Rehabilitation and European Certification Internationally accreditedhere
Launching the Spanish language courses here
دورة اليوم الواحد فى تنمية مهارات الطلبة واعضاء هيئة التدريس والعاملين بالجامعة here
بدء دورات اللغة الانجليزية للطلبة و موظفى الجامعة here
بدء دورة "الاسعافات الاولية" here
دورات جديدة فى تنمية المهارات here
development seminar series here
Students' Workshop Series here
Workshop of infection control in dentistry here
دورة جراحة الوجه والفكين here

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